Parsons Engineering is one of a group of companies that harnesses the combined practical expertise of our engineering, fabrication, construction and facilities management teams to help clients achieve superior results.

The company is comprised of a close-knit team of engineers, technologists and other professionals who work together each day to provide exceptional service, as we are passionate about what we do and believe that engineering done right will always create value for a project.

Because of our extensive direct construction experience, we know mistakes and ineffective designs can be costly. This experience means we are truly a quality and safety-focused group that always considers our client’s bottom line.

Our History

Parsons Engineering was initially incorporated as Building Design Services Limited in 1972 by Roy A. Parsons, P.Eng., founding member of the Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Association.

Through the nearly 50 years of business there have been a few operating name changes and expansion to practice beyond the borders of Newfoundland and Labrador, but the company has remained consistent in providing professional and practical structural and specialty engineering services to our clients.

Our Project Approach

When we complete projects we recognize the steps below are key to success:

  • Fully identify and define all project needs and isolate items that require special attention or custom solutions;
  • Keep our clients engaged and informed throughout, as they can often provide additional info and make decisions unique to their needs and perspective; and
  • Continuously seek ways to create or add value – when looking at the total project costs, engineering should generate benefit to essentially “pay for itself”.

Engineering designed for your bottom line