We provide structural analysis, design, inspection and certification services for buildings and other structures comprised of steel, concrete, masonry, and wood, or some combination thereof.

Why you should choose us

With our experience in construction, the solutions we bring forth are driven toward efficient and economic completion – We walk through a design as if the construction costs were our own to pay for, and in doing so we provide a final product that meets all the requirements but also creates savings in labour costs, materials costs, or both where possible.

Codes / Standards we follow

  • NBCC 2015 National Building Code of Canada
  • CSA S16-19 Design of Steel Structures
  • CSA A23.3-19 Design of Concrete Structures
  • CSA S304.1-14 Design of Masonry Structures
  • CSA O86-19 Engineering Design in Wood

Software we use

  • AutoCAD (2D) / Revit (3D)
  • Advance Steel (Detailing)
  • S-Frame / Robot (3D Analysis)

Our Structural Engineering Projects

Engineering designed for your bottom line